Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Talked about Gastault in art class today, which is basically the psychology of how humans interpret visual information. Ever seen the pictures where if you focus on one spot, you see two human faces looking at each other and if you focus on another spot, you see a vase? That's Gastault.

Anyway, my teacher pointed out that a result of humans' visual perception is that basically every culture will interpret certain things the same. Examples are a smiley face or a frowney face. Almost every culture will respond positively and not feel threatened by a picture of a smiley face. He pointed out how cool that was that we all interpret those things the same.

He's right. It is cool. But it isn't coincidence. Humans respond to things like that because they were made with the same design. How can we all respond the same, even though we are separated by oceans and technology? Ever wondered how every culture has some sort of flood story? Maybe its because we didn't randomly evolve but were created with a design in mind. And if we were designed, then we might just have a purpose? And if we have a purpose, we probably need to find out what it is...

Genesis 1:27

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Life is a painting. Chaotic colors mangled, twisted, slicing across the canvas. My life is color and light. Light everywhere. Emotion. Beauty. Passion. Life. Creation of my own; imitations, mimics of the Ultimate Artist. It blossoms from my brain, sparks out from my fingers. Music: the voice of my piano. The nursemaid of my thoughts. Poetry. Translations of myself. Blended together. The world is singing. I listen.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Write. write. write.
Will the words ever stop?
What if I can't write them down one day
What if I'm left
with mountains of words stuck in my throat
No way to let them out.
What if I end up alone
With just the words...

The words are beautiful.
hot and bright in my chest
behind my eyes.
Sunlight that comes from inside

Words are terrible.
Razors. Fire.
The taste of vomit in my mouth.
They end wars
Break hearts.
Words like a knife still in the wound
Sticky and slick

So much power in such little things.
How much can be done with a word
Infinte scenarios. Trapped
Inside the right words.

The Word. Word into flesh
All the words in the universe
hung on a criminal's death.

God is. Words.