Thursday, June 28, 2012


I look.  I look.  And look again.
I see.  Not everything. 
Just some things but those things,
they are beautiful 

They are teachers and the world is a classroom...

Design shows me the Designer
How can a mind exist big enough to imagine every shade and tone of a sunset?
In the beginning, the world was a canvas, formless and void
and then words.  light.  forms. colors.

And ever since, we've been copycats
because we are in awe of the original

And we can't comprehend how it was done.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Air to Breathe

Well...apparently a result of switching majors is that you fall off the map for a while!

I'm a month into my spring semester and it is intense.  Neither of my professors took anything out so its two full classes condensed into seven weeks.  Its been really stressful but the art class I'm taking: a film photography  class is amazing!

It's like doing a magic trick.  I put the paper in just the right spot under the photo enlarger, shoot the light onto it for just a few seconds, dump it into developer liquid and voila!  A perfect image appears out of thin air!

Spending hours in the dark room gives me lots of time to think too.  Its really neat learning the tricks of this art that's been around for so long.  It has a history.  Tons of brilliant photographers before me have stood in a very similar dark room, hoping their photographs develop correctly.  Its neat to realize that I'm now linked into that chain.

And that is honestly what art is all about.  No one creates in a vaccuum.  We all stand on each other's shoulders.  We inspire one another.  Ansel Adams, Van Gogh, and Monet have already impacted my artwork.  Their color choices, or lack thereof, and their compositions spark my creativity and get my juices flowing.  We worry today about copyright issues and I think that's important.  I certainly don't want some guy to steal my stuff and get the benefits for it but at the same time, we need to also realize that if we lock everything away inside their own cells, we are going to be the worse for it.  Artists and writers have always worked in groups, talked about their ideas and fed off one another.  There is nothing more inspiring then bouncing ideas around with someone who understands your passion. 

Art needs protection but it also needs a little freedom to breathe and grow and thrive!