Tuesday, April 24, 2012

No Limits to Inspiration

What inspires you? For me, there are so many things in my life that inspire me. A few would be when I can see the thunderclouds and smell the rain but the sky above me is still clear, when my sisters and I laugh until we run out of breath, and when my favorite song comes on during the last few minutes of my drive home and I can blare it at max volume. There is so much that I want to do, so much that I want to give to the world. My writing and my art let me do that. Colors and word let me explain what I feel like as I'm watching those thunderclouds roll in or how I go all softy smiles when my nine year old brother gives me an unexpected hug. Art isn't always seen as something that is very valid or important but it lets us communicate those moments of inspiration to one another. Without them, how could we explain such wonders? Anyone can add art to their life: maybe your art is the magenta tie you add to your conservative outfit or the garden you are growing outside or the sharpie doodles you always do on your hands. Art is the outward expression of inward genius and the best part about it...there are no limits to the ways you can use it.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Eyes Open


Right now, stop. Wherever you are, stop. Look out the window and stop. Do you see it? What do you see? Do you see what I see? Do you hear what I hear? Maybe you see something new. Did you notice it? Notice when you saw the world in a totally new way?

Before color goes on canvas, before a camera shutter opens, before clay is slapped onto a wheel, the very first ingredient is sight! You must SEE to CREATE! Look, look, LOOK! Inhale the world you live in. Suck it in through a straw, a vaccuum hose, anyway you can. Get it inside you, fill yourself up, even to your fingertips.

Have you ever looked at sunlight? A perfect, soothing gold color. Noticed the way it glints off leaves, illuminates the green from behind. Or how it can pull the red from a brunette's hair? Ever listened to the different voices the wind has? Does it scream today or simply whimper? Is it being playful, kissing at your hair, ruffling the edges of your papers?

This world is too big for us to ever be full. Look, look, look, and then, look beyond. How did the sunlight get its perfect gold? Where does the wind go to sleep? There is beauty here. There is complexity. There is life. There is design. Look, look, look, and then look for the Designer.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Dreams = Loneliness

How can you sit in a room full of people and still feel alone?

How can you talk to everyone you know and still feel that they haven't heard you?

How come you can display the masterpieces in your brain and no one see it?

In some ways, to dream is to be alone. Because no one else can ever know your dream like you do. But the dreamer is still content, because he has his dreams. We try over and over and over to explain our dreams. The best days are when someone catches a glint of our dream in their eye.